Cooper Street Story


Ensconced in the family’s Colorado cabin located on Cooper Street, Michigan mom, Elaine Surnow, found a generations-old family cookie recipe and began to bake. Unsatisfied with all the big-company, junk-filled alternatives, and unwilling to compromise on taste, she was determined to build a better cookie for family & friends. Using only simple & pure local ingredients and with love and attention to every detail, Elaine baked and sliced and baked again to create a delightfully crisp and light cookie that became an instant holiday smash.

Today, Elaine’s original recipe based on quality ingredients with no nuts, no dairy and nothing artificial is delighting cookie lovers of all ages. With just the right combination of delicate sweetness, light crunch and old-fashioned goodness, Cooper Street Cookies are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite beverage or an indulgent anytime snack without the guilt.

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Twice Baked Cookies


Our delightfully crisp & delicious twice-baked cookies are loaded with flavor but without all the junk. They are the perfect low-calorie anytime snack for family and friends. Pair with your favorite beverage or perfect alone as a “me-time” indulgence for cookie lovers of all ages.


Granola Cookie Bakes


Granola Cookie Bakes are the granola bar that eats like a cookie. Individually baked, not extruded, to deliver the ideal crunchy & chewy texture. They are all-naturally delicious and packed with ancient grains, real dried fruits and other wholesome ingredients containing antioxidants to boost energy and satisfy hunger. The perfect breakfast or take along for a delicious & satisfying pick-me-up throughout the day.